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Ladies at The Berrics

Actualizado: 9 de jul de 2019

Ladies Day at the Berrics has been Poseiden Foundation’s most anticipated fundraiser that has helped raise money for Youth and Humanitarian Outreach programs for the past 11 years. The 10th annual Ladies day at the Berrics was a huge success with over 200 females and participants that attended to show support and benefit the our communities.

Each participant donated canned goods as an entrance fee with over 300 cans that donated total. With the support of those that attended Ladies Day and our sponsors, we were able to raise enough money to build 7 home for homeless families, visit multiple orphanages, and give back to our environment through our environmental conservation program in Ecuador. 

There were multiple winners from the throughout the day with over $8,000 of products and prizes given to attendees and winners.

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